V. L. Forrest – “For anyone who was coming of age in the sixties this book resonates with much truth of that era. It is recognizable as much in the larger cities of Canada as it is where it takes place in the UK. Edith, a young woman with low self-esteem and an abusive father, is taken under the wing of her older cousin Ronnie. The fact that he is gay, has great taste, and is prepared to remake her life, sets the stage for all that is to follow. Edith becomes Sophia in a remarkable transformation that affects all aspects of her life. It is a story filled with ethos and pathos, humour and all the sex of the 60's free love revolution, which will strike a chord with many whether straight or gay and will leave you wanting to find out what happens next. A touching, moving and funny book definitely worth a read. An author to watch.”

Bryan McCrae