Set in London in the swinging sixties, The Cost of Loving Series is a cocktail of ‘Tales of the City’ and ‘Sex in the City’ with a twist of bittersweet...

It is a story that follows our heroine, Sophia, who with the help of her gay cousin, Ronnie, is transformed from shy, troubled teenager into a sexy, empowered woman. It tells of the excitement of the sixties, its changing mores, trends and attitudes, as well as the closeted, anxious world of queerdom in a society that’s not even close to accepting such perversions, despite so much social change.

Her arranged marriage of convenience to Toby, a gay actor whose star is in ascendancy, is a marriage where love is not required, but provides the power and money she had set out to achieve. Together, they bask in the ever brighter glow of fame and fortune. But there are dark and murky corners where skeletons dwell, such as Sophia’s abusive father to be dealt with, a blackmailer who knows too much. and a near death experience that calls for revenge. And then, of course, there’s Toby’s lucrative rent-boy business, which is definitely a secret that needs to be kept. As Hollywood discovers this new power couple, the Vietnam War is a tragedy that simply cannot be ignored, especially by Sophia who, despite the distractions of a new lover and a friend who appears to have returned from the dead, simply cannot ignore the plight of the Vietnam orphans. Eventually, Sophia opens up a Pandora’s Box of troubles that tumble out and multiply as she sets out to find Toby’s mother. Toby is forced to relive the horrors he endured at the catholic orphanage where he was lovelessly raised and abused, while the spectre of paedophilia raises its grotesque head and Toby must exorcise his ghosts, no matter what the cost.

Everything they had worked so hard to achieve is put to the test as, all about them, too many friends are losing the battle to survive as the horrors of the world confront them, and the AIDS plague brings fear and loathing into far too many people’s lives.