Born in 1951, I was raised in a small mining community in South Wales where my childhood should have been idyllic, if only I had fitted in. Of course, I didn’t really understand that I hadn’t until I left and, years later, discovered the place where I truly belonged. 

the Humphries Extended Family, Dad is on the left.

My parents were kind-hearted and loving, and they made my brother's life and mine as safe, secure and happy as anyone could wish for. But, of course, that is something you take for granted until old enough to realise it, and learn to be grateful. In hindsight, I see that I was given a great start in life.

But, despite the friendly neighbors and the wonderful country walks, a small village tucked away from the hum and throb of urban life just wasn’t going to be enough for me, especially when you’re queer and confused. So, once my hated school days were over, I dashed off to London and the college life. 

My Mother, me at three and my brother.

My Mother, me at three and my brother.

That was the late sixties, just when Sophia - the heroine in my trilogy - was getting her own fresh start in life. Just like her, I enjoyed the thrill of all that excitement and change, living in one of the greatest cities in the world as society exploded in a psychedelic transformation and was never the same again. 

Looking back on it, this was a hedonistic, thrilling time and, in my writing, I have tried to capture its relative innocence – its nostalgia and charm, but also its grit and grime. It is a period in modern history that has recaptured my imagination for this and future stories and, although the books and characters are entirely fictional, the sense of place and time are how I remember them to have been.

Family holiday by the seaside

Family holiday by the seaside

As the years went by, life took me unexpectedly to Canada, first to Toronto and then, in 1980, to Vancouver where I discovered the place in the world where my soul seemed destined to reside, on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by trees, mountains and endless beauty. Finding my spiritual home was a chance encounter, and a serendipitous one. I have resided in coastal British Columbia ever since. 

Now I live on the small island of Gabriola with my partner of more than twenty years, Paul, and my wonderful dog, Alfie, who outwardly seems to contribute nothing to my life but, inwardly, has contributed more than I could ever have imagined.

And, finally, I have discovered that I really can write; something I have always dreamed of doing and never attempted, for fear of failing. 

But I can now say that I did not fail.

I am now, officially, a writer. 

And, if you feel a similar urge to write, all I can say is – DO IT!

I hope you enjoy these books. 

There will be more to follow soon.

Please enjoy my blog, and if you feel the urge to contact me – DO THAT TOO!

My mother and her sister Nancy

My mother and her sister Nancy

The Team

Martin Humphries

Martin Humphries

Martin Humphries

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Paul Ryan

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Alfie the Dog